Absolutely, we are a veteran owned company and appreciate your service.

Our 20 USDA STEAKS for $40 are slightly smaller than (ounces and sizes vary) our thicker cut steaks that come in our FAMILY PARTY PACK option approx. 4 ounce. This is our most popular item, customers love these because they are great to use for portion control, breakfast steaks, fajitas, Philly cheese steak sandwiches and tacos Each of our products are available for you to view prior to purchase so you know exactly what you are purchasing! The best way to get the specifics is to visit the tent as they are the most knowledgeable.


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The meat industry is littered with middlemen everywhere who add extra costs that get passed on to you, "the consumer." We sell directly to people who care about getting quality meat at a reasonable price. We're not burdened with the costs associated with having a brick and mortar business or any of the costs that middlemenon distribution centers like to tac on.

Yes! And we get that question a lot. Just consider all meat sold at a grocery store or at your local butcher shop was delivered by a truck. All of our meat goes through a rigorous quality control process during processing and is given the highest USDA inspection marks.

All beef is American and Midwest sourced from small farms.

Our beef is graded Prime and stamped on the boxes.

Our beef is grass-fed and grain-finished to provide a better dining experience.

We offer a one year guarantee for taste tenderness and against freezer burn because all beef is individually vacuum packed with industrial grade cryovac.

Yes we offer free shipping on orders over $250

Yes, we do accept EBT to better serve our customers.

All individual portions are stamped with a packaging date indicating the day and year.

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